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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 1, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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also hope you'll start your day with "fox and friends" we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor on o. tonight: >> we have four dead americans. was it because of a protest or for guys out for a walk one night who decided they would go kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make? >> that famous hillary clinton sound bite speaks to accountability. now another scandal with the secret service. we'll have the inside story. >> an individual traveling from liberia has been diagnosed with ebola in the united states. >> should the united states deny entry to people in west africa? that's being discussed and we will talk about it with john stossel. >> i want to end this debate so racism. [ laughter ] >> oh, honey, you know, if
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you ever really met a racist, you wouldn't throw that word around quite as lively. >> whoopi goldberg chiding rosie o'donnell for using the racist card. we will tell you all about it. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. ignoring incompetence until today. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. americans are amazed that the white house is apparently not secure. on september 19th, a mentally disturbed person hopped a fence, got all the way into the white house without being stopped by secret service. that's a huge scandal. yesterday the director of the service it? >> is obvious that mistakes were made.
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it's self-evidence that mistakes were made. we must identify what the facts are, learn from the facts. >> too late, ms. pierson, you were north forthcoming about how bad the break-in was. the "the washington post" had to break the honest story. so you, madam, are out. you resign today. we predicted it would happen yesterday. you're gone. amazing. since the obama or fair.ration rarely holds in fact, the only other high level person we could think of that got fired is eric shinseki after the enormous scandal in his department. this week president obama himself blamed james clapper for the isis intell failure. mr. clapper is still on the job. national security advisor susan rice mislead the world about benghazi, got promoted. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius who totally screwed up the rollout of obamacare. kept her job for 8 months before she voluntarily left. secretary of state hillary clinton did not take the fall for assassination of
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christopher stevens, the american ambassador to libya. current irs commissioner john does does continue does citizennen. neither has paid a price. koskinen still there, which is absolutely incredible. can you see that time after time the nation is not well-served but the people in charge are not held accountable. surely ms. pierson got what she deserved. again, the actual intrusion may not have been her fault but her failure to report what really happened is right on her shoulders. we he cannot have that here. talking points has said numerous times that the obama administration is not governing the country properly. there are problems everywhere. few of them are being addressed in an effective way. perhaps the best example of this attorney general eric holder who announced his resignation just last week. mr. holder has never explained the fast and furious scandal, how it happened. and now the federal courts
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are ordering him to turn over documents he should have released months ago. mr. holder is even being held in contempt by congress. yet, the attorney general kept his job because president obama likes him. what's forgotten here by the media and by the politicians is that public servants are supposed to it serve we the people. and when they don't do the job like ms. pierson, they should resign. we need effective problem solvers not spinners and stonewallers. every poll says the same thing. americans are rapidly losing faith in their government and they shoulding be and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction, joining us from new orleans, fox news analyst james carville a democrat. now, carville, where am i going wrong here? >> i think the general shinseki validity. the president is -- i may not agree wefer person brought up. that is a absolute fair
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criticism. >> the question is why then? i might point out that president bush didn't hold people accountable. brown, the fema guy and hurricane katrina he hung around. >> rumsfeld? >> rumsfeld, you know, i don't know whether you dump the whole iraq debacle on rumsfeld's shoulders or not. i don't know whether that's fair. surely most presidents are reluctant to admit mistakes and i think that's what's going on. >> i agree and that's a fair criticism. secret service this is a -- maybe it's not exactly her fault. she is in charge of it. you know, that's pretty serious. if he has gotten bad intelligence, well, it's his guide as head of the cia. i think people should be held accountable. i don't have a problem with that. >> is it just ego by the president they don't want to admit mistakes that the guys they put in there aren't cutting it? >> >> could be that they don't want to make the mistake. maybe they are loyal maybe
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if i let this person go it sends a signal. >> a signal that we want a competent administration? that's the wrong signal? >> i agree with you. i have defended this president on this program numerous times, multiple times on thin stance i think it is a very fair criticism to say that he is reluctant to fire people who are caught up in things that don't go very well at all. every instance get don't agree with. >> give me one you don't agree with i mentioned a punch of names and they all screwed up and they all were there. >> i think that hook took responsibility for benghazi. i don't think she should have been fired over. if i think the irs scandal not turned much of anything. kathleen sebelius might have been smart in that instance. rollout. working better than anybody could have predicted. i can nitpick but i think the general thrust of your criticism is valid. >> you said that four times and i appreciate it four times. now i have it chicago advertise you, the irs
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scandal didn't turn out to be anything? are you kidding me? they lose all the emails? all right? lois lerner takes the fifth amendment, still hasn't been brought in. i mean, top to bottom now, the agency is in chaos. we learned this week that they haven't electricity collected $5 billion because of incompetence. the irs scandal doesn't amount to much? >> $5 billion. really, i don't think that the administration had anything to do with it don't know. hear what lerner says. >> i disagree with you. i can't -- i don't think the scandal is a big scandal. >> do you want to hear what lois lerner has to say or not? >> lois lerner what was not the head of the agency. >> she was the head how many do you need from the state department saying security in libya is bad? how many cables do you need
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to see? >> if we know what happened. this has been investigated, investigated, and it was an admitted. >> stonewalling. >> i don't think there is any stonewalling. she talked to the committee. she talked to the different people. i just vehemently disagree on their. i think this benghazi thing is totally overblown. >> when hillary clinton runs for president, it's going to be a big issue for her. it really is is she will have to address it. >> i'm sure she will. help her raise money, 72 years old on election day and i'm living in new orleans. i think she needs some young blood in there. >> are you telling me you would turn down an appointment if she asked you because you are old? >> sure, i would not -- i wouldn't do it because i'm not capable of doing it i don't have the energy and not what i do. helpful as i can be. raising money.
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>> i'm curious about this. are you telling me you are not the man you used to be because you are 72? >> i'm saying, yes. i'm saying i know what it takes to run a presidential campaign. i don't have it in me anymore. i don't have the energy and time. >> your mental is it still there? >> yeah. maybe i'm doing different things now. maybe you and i will be arguing during the presidential. >> carville not nearly as old as you. you know i'm still the fastest gun and nobody can beat me yet. >> you are fast. >> carville, everybody, there he is. you may not see him again. miller will take on the white house fence jumper in just a little while. next on the rundown, could the u.s.a. deny entry to west africans because of ebola? stossel on that moments away. ♪ if you suffer from constipation, you will likely also suffer from gas. introducing new dulcogas, which starts working to eliminate gas bubbles in minutes for effective relief.
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u.s.a. in west africa estimates are 3 thousand people dead from the deadly disease. and about' 7,000 cases reported. one of those cases in dallas, texas, where thomas eric duncan from liberia is now in isolation. after flying here from west africa. today texas governor rick perry said the african national did come into contact with children who are now being closely monitored by texas authorities. questions tonight should the u.s.a. deny entry from anyone traveling from east africa at least temporarily. joining us john stossel yes or no or why? >>. no because it's over kill. you have 140,000 people flying from that part of the world. ebola is hard to catch. we have far better -- far greater risks in life we should worry about. but ebola touches a nerve, we shouldn't overreact. >> i would not allow the west africans to come into the united states and it's easy to track it because of pass "wall-to-wall sports" and visas and things like
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that. for probably three months initially and i will tell you why. there is no reason to. this is an area of the world that is now experiencing an epidemic. you would agree with that right? it's an epidemic there. >> yes. >> we know that nigeria can control a little bit of it. but the other countries cannot. and so why take the chance that somebody comes to the united states and doesn't go to the hospital as this man did? and you know, interestingly enough, he went to the hospital, this duncan, and they released him. they released him. he i don't feel good. i got all kinds of fever. they knew he was an african national. they said here, take this pill and go home. you can't do it? >> yes, you can because ebola is hard to catch. you really have to share fluids. we are talking about thousand deaths in africa where hospitals are a mess. they lie in their own fluids. the flu killed 3 million people. do we keep people out of the country because they might have the flu? >> are you telling me know
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that our government, which can prevent people from west africa getting into this country unless any sneak across the southern border which they could do. >> or fly to some other country and then fly here. >> there isn't any compelling interest that we have in admitting these people for a few months. >> free trade. right to travel. >> they don't have a right to travel here. it's a privilege. >> shut down 100,000 people because one man has been found to have ebola and given it as far as we know to no one? >> yeah. i would absolutely for the public health risk, all right, i would absolutely say for the next few months nobody from west africa gets into the united states. sorry. >> how about mad cow disease did, we stop all travel from europe or sars or west nile virus, bird flu? always thee panics. >> cop takenned in small area.
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specific contagion. health officials have to t1s1bu&÷rleéqp6 we may be overreacting. in the interest of public safety we are going to overreact. it's not that much of a downside. it's inconvenience as i said they don't have a right here. as a libertarian, this is interesting dilemma for you, only people that can protect us from ebola are the feds. and the centers for disease control. they are the only one; and you don't even like them. you don't want to fund them. >> funding them to the tune of $2.5 trillion. >> you would abolish the centers for disease control. >> one legitimate role for government is is the cdc and preventing contagion. ebola is hardly a contagion? >> sure there is why do you think there is 7,000 people in danger of dying right now. >> 3,000 have died and they are in africa. nobody has died here. >> nobody yet. >> unlikely that they will. this guy is in. in proximity to little children. is he on a plane. they say he wasn't contagious on a plane. i believe that but why take
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the chance if you want to worry about things. worry about driving a car. deer kill more people in america than ebola. >> you solve the problems you can solve. that's -- >> -- you can kill all the deer. stop people from driving. >> kill all the deer. all right, there is stossel, everybody. i know you guys agree with me. directly ahead will mexico finally release marine sergeant andrew tahmooressi? we are hopeful and have the latest. a muslim football player penalized for celebrating a touchdown.
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. fact for follow up segment tonight, will mexico finally release marine sergeant tahmooressi being held in tijuana for weapons
8:21 pm
violation? you might know this story. the sergeant has post-traumatic stress disorder after service in afghanistan. he says he made a mistake crossing into mexico unintentionally when he asked mexican authorities for help they arrested him. that was on march 31st, he has been trying to get released from prison ever since. today there was a hearing on the issue in the house. >> to me this is abomination. six months. he didn't hesitate to say aye aye sir to go off and serve. how dare we, how dare we as a nation hesitate to get that young man back. >> joining us now from washington the chair of the committee that heard the testimony from montel williams and others, congressman ed royce from california. first of all, do you think the sergeant will be released shortly. >> i think he will, bill. i had a conversation with the attorney general from mexico. who indicated that under mexican law he would have the capacity should it be proved that he had ptsd.
8:22 pm
i sent a report to the attorney general that showed that 10 days before in san diego, at the veterans hospital he was so diagnosed. and it is our understanding that that is weighing right now in the balance. but i think our hearing today may have assisted. >> also, yesterday, a mexican psychiatrist expd the sergeant and i understand it was reported that he did concur that the sergeant has post-traumatic stress disorder. so, if that's the case, then they have to release him. we feel that maybe in a day or two, but, you know, the mexicans, they do this to rankel the united states. could have done a clemency thing months ago, everybody knows that he had the power to do it. he could have said you know what? the circumstance is are murky. the guy has a condition. because of goofed will woe are going to let him out. he could have done it he didn't do it. they like to jab us down in mexico, do they not? >> i think one of the questions also is how high a
8:23 pm
level did this go in the united states? >> well, i want to get that to that a minute because that's what williams was talking about. but, mexico itself, they like to give us grief and, yeah, in the end, they will let him out and they will do it. but the guy has been in there since march, come on. it's ridiculous. >> go ahead. >> they certainly have given andrew a lot of grief. i went down and saw him in the prison. we were able to move him from the tijuana jail which was absolutely the worst place you would want to be in jail to it takati which is a better condition. nevertheless, when you are suffering from ptsd and those around you know that you have that problem, and you're compounding, basically you are compounding the ptsd by not allowing the treatment, then, yes, you are delaying. >> it's even worse than that he is being held in solitary for own protection. his mother was on a few days ago.
8:24 pm
doesn't have anything to do. it's almost torture. it's almost like the mexican government is torture the man for, what? because he had had three guns in his car? because he was moflg from florida to california and he made a wrong turn? even if you don't believe that so what, it's a low level beef. i mean, give us a break. and that's what gets me angry about mexico and i think it's got to change. now, what you were saying is montel wrims say, -- williams say look, not doing enough to get the guy out. do you believe that? >> absolutely i believe that we raise this question with the white house. the request for the president to make a call to the president of mexico, that never happened. and you know at the same time, we had a situation where we traded five senior taliban leaders who were all involved with al qaeda who had cost american lives. we traded them and now they're going to, within a few months, be able to go back to afghanistan or back to pakistan. this makes no sense in terms
8:25 pm
of the balance. >> how do you know president obama didn't call? how do you know? >> because i made the request to the vice president that the president make the call and after the fact, when the conversation occurred, we heard that this had not come up. >> biden told you he didn't make the call? >> no. the white house indicated to us. >> did they give you a reason why the president wouldn't call him? >> no reason why, but i think it has to do with the priorities here. >> what, how long does a phone call take? how long does that take? >> it doesn't take long to pick up the phone and make a call on an issue like this. have ed hen i didn't in tomorrow and ask why they didn't do that. secretary of state kerry has he called? what has he done? >> i do not know if the secretary of state got involved personally in this or not. >> all right. >> i do know that i have talked to the ambassador, the foreign minister, the attorney general, been down there in mexico. >> all right. now, i'm going to ask rosen who is going to be on
8:26 pm
tomorrow with henry if secretary of state kerry called him or did anything. we will get to the bottom of that tomorrow. good work, congressman. again, we expect the sergeant to be released and obviously we report that the moment it happens. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. president obama says the economy is doing much, much better. but is that true? our truth sir rum on the case. white house fence jumper. new factor music. we may be in trouble here. we hope you stay tuned to we hope you stay tuned to those reports. [ male announcer ] automotive innovation starts...
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jobs report today was fairly positive. the stock market tanked anyway. this is a very complicated situation. salaries for working americans remain stagnant. here is what the president said on sunday when i came into office, our economy was in crisis. we had unemployment up 10%. now down to 6.1. we have had the longest uninterrupted job growth in our history. we have seen deficits cut by more than half. >> joining us now our true duo molly line and eric shawn. all right, line, the president says 10% 6-1, true? >> that's a part of the statement that is actually not true. when the president took office in january of 2009, the unemployment rate was
8:31 pm
7.8%. it is true during his first year that it climbed up to 10% and then in 2010, the rate was never any lower in any month than 9.4%. >> all right. but he is fudging a little but he is not lying, because, when he came, in it was still going up from the recession that fell off the cliff because of the mortgages, he is saying that was the apex and brought it down. now he says the longest stretch of private industry job creation; is that true. >> that's true. since the time the numbers were brought in 1938, never been a period this long without a decline. what is he saying that essentially for the last a 4 months, they have stein this increase in private sector jobs. now, what he is not talking about is the number of jobs. >> right. >> so you can have six more than the month before. will 6 more, more, 10 more. what's the deal. >> the number created during the obama administration less than previous rofertion under the clit or reagan.
8:32 pm
>> created little stair steps like -- a manipulate temperature house. i'm trying it put the truth serum in what it is. that's what politicians is gaitest tech guy in the recalled. >> deficit and then the other side. equities employed amend phase the him to cut, tongue congress forced him to cut. the debt is going up. >> that's exactly right. fiscal year 2013, the deficit now 32% lower than it was in 2009. >> higher taxes and lower spending that was forced 10% cuts across the board. >> that is true. as you mention the national debt now -- under president obama it has climbed. gone up by more than 57%. >> the truth serum but i don't want to put words in your mouth but i am, of course, is that he takes a thread of truth and then weaves it into this thing like we're doing great but we're not doing so great. >> pick the numbers that
8:33 pm
show what you think show your best. you pick the numbers you like. >> the economy in nicaragua is no good. not that you care but sean is really teed off because is he a u.n. expert about the foreign minister of nicaragua, right? >> that's him. >> this man's name is san yellow pez. i don't know much about it. actually on the border when i was coming el salvador war. >> still sand da heats attachment remember daniel ortega he is still the president. >> is he a communist. no wonder they don't have anything going on. >> he wants to be president for life. this lopez guy is a sewage of ortega. communist pretty much. >> exactly: this guy is a sunni of this prime minister. here is what he said he at the okay? >> we condemn the policies
8:34 pm
of the united states. we family sifs the need for a negotiated political solution among syrians. and the end for an intervention. this includes the financing and supplying of weapons to terrorist groups puerto rico continues under the yoke of colonialism and requires now more than ever our solidarity and our active support in its struggle for independence and self-determination. >> can she speak any slower? let's take it one by one. so this pinhead says the an are aistic policies of the united states what he is a referring to. >> to us. >> didn't he look like fidel castro. >> he looked like the guy in the beer commercials. policies are supporting the free syrian army. if his speech he said that nicaragua has total
8:35 pm
solidarity. he it like aside is a a supporting us. >> he is on our side. >> rec saying he somehow enslaving them down there. >> what planet is this guy on. recent poll 70% of citizens of puerto rico they want hood. only 14% want independence. big vote back in 2012. 94%, bill, that's almost everybody in puerto rico wants to be a u.s. state or some type of associated state. only 5% want independence. so he is still, you know. >> this guy on the the truth serum. >> failure. biggest failure. this guy is the biggest failure that we have had so far. >> thank you very much, everyone. when we come right back. it will be miller time. the white house fence jumper and a muslim football player praying in the end zone to alla. miller is next.
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thank you for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. lots to talk about. let's get right to the sage of southern california joins us from santa barbara. so, miller, the white house fence jumper. what say you? thank god biden left his
8:40 pm
lincoln logs out in the main hallway and the guy tripped over them or it would have been getting dangerous over there i know the pres doesn't like borders. but this is getting a little silly. demarcate that border. i think he feels invincible because he has biden in the two slot and he feels like nobody is going to take a run at him much when the guy makes it into the headquarters and starts spooning the president, i think we have got to tighten it up a little bit. >> might be. >> i felt it if you would make it half way across that lawn. i assumed there was a sniper on the roof who would blow your head off. i could only think that they thought the guy was radical islamic fundamentalists and told we have a hands off policy with them and that's how he got that far. we have turned into barney fyffe nation. we can't even keep the president's home. the doors aren't locked. we have lost our mind. >> that's insane. this has not been pointed out, but it caught my eye. the guy jumps the fence and
8:41 pm
then he runs 70 yards into the white house. as you said, there are guys on the roof with big giant guns who should have said, know what? this doesn't look too legit. not halloween, is he not trick or treating, it's september, bang, you fire a warning shot or something. okay. but, no. he goes right up, he goes into the door, unlocked, no alarm, he goes right to the green room this is unbelievable. he could have had a bomb strapped on him as a terrorist would want to do. but is he confronted once he gets into the white house bea secret service agent. she is a female and she gets overpowered biomarch that kind of bothers me. i want the bionic woman this there i don't want somebody being overpowered. do you know what i'm talking about?
8:42 pm
here is the new rule, you set one over the fence your skull with a high powered rifle. that's it. i wouldn't fire a warning shot or any of that i think he should be killed. >> you know what? for the correspondents dinner that could be be a way to wipe out half the press. we are all in there for the christmas stuff. they can just be oh, i'm sorry, mr. o'reilly, i thought you were on the lawn. >> hell of a theory, billy, if we didn't live in such a politically correct nation, i might go along with you. but the guy won't get tackled on the lawn. they will go after the guy who points that out. that's how weird it's gotten. >> nfl last sunday, a guy gets a 15-yard penalty for doing. this go. >> four interacceptses coming underneath abdullah all the way home. kansas city touchdown. >> and tom brady there had turned back towards the
8:43 pm
play. and houston giving that shoulder. >> 15 yards, but you know what he got it for? he wasn't facing mecca. if he was, he would have been okay. >> that's a solid joke, bill o'reilly, that's a solid joke. >> to come me three weeks to think it it up. all right. >> i can't believe, listen, islam is a religion of peace. i can't believe the guy plays football. but, i know exactly what will happen here, now. goodell will be on a muslim hotline this week. he will talk about letting the healing begin and all of that ibrahim cooper and cair they should come out and use this to their pr. they should say, listen, we have no problem. we know the ref didn't know it was islamic thing it was just a penalty flag for celebration he thought was a little over the line. and we could care less about stuff like this. go redskins. and then all of a sudden, everybody would say look,
8:44 pm
they are one of us. >> that's right. all right. very strange happening. and then the league said of course they shouldn't have thrown a flag for that you have may have noticed, miller, we have new music on the factor experimenting this week. some viewers are a little disconcerted because they feel the music has been used before. roll the tape. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> so, escape from new york, escape from the factor. >> i thought it sounded like some bob crane's home porn movies o'reilly other there. you have got to start
8:45 pm
wearing an i patch. new york taxes where you move it down to florida. people started calling me snake o'reilly. i don't think the music sounds like that. i think it sounds pretty cool. >> great movie escape from new york. i want you to play the duke, all right? the duke of new york who isaac haze, you have got to play that part, miller. >> you ought to start selling that music out to the strip clubs for open pole am number nights. good music for strip club. >> we have got to kind of refine it a little bit. dennis miller, everybody. >> ancillary revenue stream. >> the d man and i will see everybody in charleston, philadelphia saturday october 25th. only 25 tickets remain for philly. details on bill o'reilly dot cop. martha maccallum on deck. whoopi goldberg
8:46 pm
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back of the book segment tonight. did you see that? as you may know "the view" has changed cast members whoopi goldberg and rosie o'donnell are in the forefront now. the other day rosie o'donnell stated criticism of president obama's coffee cup salute was racist. >> to even say that there is even some question that he is not saluting them because is he being disrespectful is ridiculous. >> yes. and you know i want to end this debate so racism. [ laughter ] >> oh, honey, you know, if you ever -- if you ever really met a racist, you wouldn't throw that word around quite as lightly because racists don't play. he they are not cute, they are not cuddly. nobody says racist just because.
8:50 pm
>> here now to explain what that was all about fox news anchor martha maccallum. so there was more to, this right? >> sarah palin quote that was this segment where she mentions the word racism. whoopi is calling out rosie and sarah palin. but they have a long history. and rosie has been throwing words out like this lightly. she's called people ho mophobic. she's encouraged people to see truther movies and said they are must-see. so she often tosses around this kind of language. >> was chiding ms. o'donnell. >> and she made a toss out to sarah palin in that as well. >> there were some reports in the tabloid press in new york that they're mad at each other. >> yeah. it was during a commercial break they got into it. apparently rosie stepped on whoopi a little in the end of the segment. rosie didn't like that, called each other names, four-letter
8:51 pm
words flying around. >> we don't know if this was true. >> that's what was reported. apparently "the view" in the report didn't deny it happened but they said they got it back together. >> well, four-letter words flying around, there's an audience there. >> absolutely. >> all right. now we have a little bit of a strange situation again here in new york city. the two professors, college professors here, throw this up on the screen, they're blaming global warming for the isis deal, all right. so they've issued a statement that i'm going to read. "drought did not single handedly spawn the syrian uprising, but it stoked simmering anger at assad's dictatorship." defurther destabilized syria -- what is that? >> they fail to say when we get the facts right about greenhouse gas emissions we may enable isis, al qaeda, boko haram.
8:52 pm
so using the word climate change in this is the first misnomer because another study done said climate change had nothing to do with drought. there was extreme drought causing extreme poverty from 2006 to 2010. we know there are different geographic elements involved. >> so this drought and these college professors saying because the farmers couldn't grow their crops they got poorer. and that's why isis is attractive? >> they were angry at assad because he didn't help them. the larger factors that we all understand it mostly happened in iraq where all of these cities fell because the sunnis made the shiite feel left out. and all the really political factors that created the situation. >> these l are trying to describe global warming bringing it down to isis. >> your use of a metal bottle, better understanding of geoglobal situations that isis
8:53 pm
was created by these things as well. >> this sounds like a miller segment. >> yeah, right. >> but it's serious. martha maccallum. i, your humble correspondent, run into paul mccartney. the tip moments away. [ male announcer ] tomcat bait kills up to 12 mice, faster than d-con. what will we do with all of these dead mice? tomcat presents dead mouse theatre. hey, ulfrik! hey, agnar! what's up with you? funny you ask. i'm actually here to pillage your town.
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"the factor" tip of the day, paul mccartney and me, in a moment. first, i'll be appearing with david letterman tonight in support of "killing patton." first week's numbers are in, patton number one in the world nonfiction. also number one in audio, which i read. we thank you all for that. also i'd like to welcome thousands of new premium member who is have signed up and are getting a free copy of "killing patton." we hope you enjoy the membership. now to ft. lauderdale, florida, i agree with kirsten powers. you don't know what's going on behind the scenes with pakistan, bill.
8:56 pm
i do know the taliban continues to operate openly. the pakistani doctor who pinpointed bin laden to the u.s. has been put in prison for 20 years. jihadist flood into pakistan to be trained. enough? hershey, pennsylvania. bill, you were right about pakistan and other muslim nations that support the jihad. with that doctor in prison who in the right mind would cooperate with america? mike, america's georgia, ts downfall in secret service began when it was moved from the secret service to treasury department. california, bill, you were only half right when it comes to the left disparaging killing patton. they only despise you, not patton. call the general the war loving martinet. bill, you miss the obvious when it comes to the left leaning media criticizing president obama. they're trying to distance themselves from his failures so they will have credibility when
8:57 pm
they support hillary clinton. thomas, marina del rae, you two make any issue clear and understandable. i appreciate that, tom. thank you. james sullivan, charleston, rhode island. just finished "killing patton" and former high school teacher of 30 years, i would recommend it be read by every american student. you know, i hope that happens, james. my history books are being picked up by some schools, high school and grammar schools. because we have the kids books for the history too. and we hope more schools join in. that's the perfect way to get the urchins interested in their country, by having them read fun history books, all right? the rest of it they're just tuning out. many schools aren't even teaching history anymore. canyon, texas, bill, regarding your tip of the day about running from dumb people. here's what proverbs says. go from the presence of a
8:58 pm
foolish man when thou perceivist not in him the lips of knowledge. in the old testament they talk a little tough. but i like it. and i may use it on combs tomorrow. i may quote proverbs. whatever it was. "the factor" tip of the day, one of the benefits of my job is i get to meet interesting people all the time. the other night i was at a very swell function here in new york city in my black tuxedo when i ran smack into paul mccartney. i believe mr. mccartney has no idea who i am. that's fine. but in my conversation with him i brought up a benefit he did for the david lynch foundation. creator of twin peaks among others. he has a foundation that provides transdental information to poor children free. a few years ago mccartney helped raise money for that.
8:59 pm
♪ ♪ get a little help from my friends ♪ >> obviously radio too. so i told paul mccartney i appreciated the benefit performance because tm helps these children. especially little boys who may be very angry about their circumstances, it calms them down. "the factor" tip of the day, the david lynch foundation very worthy. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from also we'd like you to spout off about "the factor" from anywhere in the world. o'reilly@fox name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be a
9:00 pm
martinet. there it is. guy called general patton a martinet. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin here cause we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, a huge shift in sentiment regarding the war on isis with the majority of respondents in a new fox poll saying they would support sending ground troops into this fight. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. a majority of americans believes the air strikes we're conducting in iraq and syria will not be enough. 78% say they do support our current air campaign. but some 57% also say ground troops will be needed to win. and 52% of the american public now favors sending in ground troops, something the president has said repeatedly he will not do if the air strikes fail to get the job done.


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